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Alternatives To Injections For Low Testosterone Treatment

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For a number of years, if you were a man with low testosterone levels, your only real option was to get regular shots of testosterone. Some men do still opt for this low testosterone treatment protocol. However, shots are no longer the only way to raise low testosterone levels. Here are some other options to discuss with your doctor after being diagnosed with low testosterone. 

Skin Patches

One option is to have your doctor prescribe a patch for you to wear on your skin. This patch is left in place for a whole day, and it slowly releases testosterone. Your body absorbs that testosterone a little at a time, bringing your circulating levels of testosterone into the normal range. One advantage of the patch is that it secretes a little testosterone at a time rather than exposing you to a large amount all at once like a shot would. Applying and removing the patch is painless, and you can move the patch around, as needed, to keep it camouflaged. However, it does need to be placed somewhere on your thighs or torso. The downside to the patch is that some men find it itchy, and it can occasionally cause a rash.

Buccal Testosterone

Buccal testosterone is a relatively new product. It has the texture of gum. You stick it between your gums and your cheek and hold it there for a couple of hours. As it is held in place, it releases testosterone, which is easily absorbed into your bloodstream through your mouth tissues. Buccal testosterone supplements are discrete, and since you use one several times per day, they keep your testosterone levels pretty even. However, some people find it annoying to frequently hold the product in their mouths.

Herbal Alternatives

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of taking actual testosterone into your body, you might want to consider an herbal alternative. There are a few herbs that either act like testosterone in the body or stimulate your body to produce more of its own testosterone. One option is ashwagandha, which has long been used in Indian medical traditions. Another option is pine bark extract, which is thought to help boost testosterone while also addressing poor circulation that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

If you've been diagnosed with low testosterone, injections are no longer your only option. Talk to a doctor in your area to learn more about low testosterone treatments