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Understanding The Importance Of Undergoing Painful Sex Therapy

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As your romantic relationship with your partner grows, you might look forward to years of intimacy with this person. However, you might also be met with disappointment when your intimacy results in you experiencing pain.

You may not understand why your body reacts this way each time you try to be intimate. You might get to the root cause of it and find ways to overcome your discomfort with professional painful sex therapy.

Uncovering Inhibitions

If you are relatively inexperienced at having intimate relationships with other people, you might harbor mental or emotional inhibitions that invoke a physical response during sex. Your body may react involuntarily and cause you to experience pain because of your own emotional or mental triggers.

However, you may not even be aware of what these triggers are or how they affect your mental and emotional health. You can uncover and confront them when you go through painful sex therapy.

Your therapist can engage you in talk therapy to find out what inhibitions you may harbor about having sex. You might feel intensely embarrassed, for example, or recall an adolescence where your parents warned you about having premarital relations. You may feel you are doing something wrong.

Your therapist can also help you rationalize and objectify these inhibitions. You may overcome them and be able to resume a normal romantic relationship with your partner.

Physical Barriers

The painful sex therapy you go through might also reveal physical barriers you or your partner have that prevent you from having normal intimacy. You may need medical attention for them.

You may not have realized these barriers existed until you went through sessions of painful sex therapy. The remedies to your pain can be as simple as undergoing a procedure or taking medication to relieve your discomfort.


Finally, your discomfort might be tied to the techniques you or your partner employ during intimacy. Your painful sex therapy counselor can find out what methods you utilize and make recommendations about what other techniques to try. They may also teach you new ones that can dissipate your discomfort and make intimacy more enjoyable.

Painful sex therapy serves an important purpose when you experience challenges in your sex life. It can reveal the mental and emotional triggers you harbor toward intimacy. It can also uncover physical barriers that might merit medical attention. It likewise can involve learning new techniques to use to increase your enjoyment and relieve discomfort.

If you need painful sex therapy, reach out to a therapist near you.