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Long-Term Medicaid Services Provide The Help You Need

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Unfortunately, not all health problems are easily fixed. Sometimes the problem can last for months, years, or even a lifetime. When health issues create problems with a person's everyday life activities, such as dressing, cooking, or bathing, help is required. There are different options for long-term Medicaid services that can help you or a loved one when this type of help is needed. Take a look at the common options and then discuss them with your family and doctor to get started on getting the help you need and having a higher quality of life.

Home Health Aide

A home health aide is a trained professional who comes to your home to help you with daily chores and self-care. They can help you bathe, get dressed, or run errands. In addition, they will do some cleaning and laundry, cook your meals, and make sure everything is set for your night. These aides may also provide transportation for you when needed.

Adult Day-Care

If the patient is living with family but still needs someone to keep a watchful eye over them while everyone is at work or school, adult day-care could be a good option. While there, the patient will have a variety of activities available to keep them occupied and socializing. This can also be a good option for the patient if they live alone and would like to get out and do things but have limited mobility or need help with other self-care issues when they try to go out on their own. The professionals at the day-care facility can work with mobility issues and memory issues such as dementia. The patient will be fed and assisted with using the bathroom or even cleaning up after themselves.

Assisted Living Community

An assisted living community offers the patient their own place to live but with around-the-clock help if needed. The patient will have a lot of independence and there are many activities planned for the different residents. Of course, the caring staff is always there for any type of problem and the patient's little apartment has an intercom and alarm button for when they need help.

When someone needs extra help just getting through their day long-term Medicaid services are available. The staff at your doctor's office may be able to help file the forms to get things started or you can contact the state's social services office. No one should struggle because they are getting older or have some type of handicap that keeps them from being able to take care of themself.