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Concerned About Your Toddler's Hearing? Signs They Might Need A Hearing Test

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Watching the development of a child can be an amazing thing. Your infant gradually grows and begins to crawl, stand up, and is finally able to walk across the room to your outstretched arms. Each of these stages brings joy to your life and it feels good to see your toddler proceed at a normal pace. However, although your child seems to be traveling through the various motor skills phases right on cue, you might be noticing signs of difficulty in other places. If you find your toddler displaying any of the following symptoms you may want to take them in for an immediate hearing test.

Your Child Has Limited Or No Speech

Although it is certainly true that all children are unique and will learn at different paces, there are still standards in place designed to provide you with a barometer of your own toddler's progress. It's said that children should be able to string words together into coherent sentences by the time they are about 18 months old. If you notice that your little one is still giving gurgling sounds and doesn't seem to be able to speak in a way where they can be understood, there could be a problem.

For the most part, children learn to speak by listening to others do it. The brain comes hardwired with a collection of sounds that the child learns to put together to form words by hearing those around them do the same. If the hearing is impaired and the child isn't able to make out the words correctly this could severely impact their ability to repeat the verbiage and learn to speak on their own.

Your Child Seems To Be Inattentive Or Unresponsive

When you call out your toddler's name, do they respond? The response doesn't necessarily mean they run to you but do they at least turn their head your way to demonstrate they heard the sound? Or, do you notice that your child continues performing the same activity they were engaged in before as if nothing had been said? Don't take this as a sign they are being defiant or ignoring you. It could very well be that they just did not hear your voice.

Taking your child in for a hearing test can be quite revealing. Hearing test services are there to supply you with the evaluation and resource tools necessary to help your child at an early age so they can hopefully have a better tomorrow.

For more information, contact a hearing test service in your area.