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It's Not Just Looks: Other Signs You Need Treatment For Vein Disease

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When you hear the word "vein disease" a certain image probably comes to mind. That image is probably one of swollen, blue veins popping out from the skin. Indeed, many people with vein disease do have these visibly swollen veins. However, dark blue veins are not the only sign you may need treatment for vein disease. Here are some other signs to watch out for.

Aching and Throbbing in Your Legs

Do you feel as though your legs start aching for seemingly no reason at all? Usually, this ache is a deep one, and it has a throbbing quality—in other words, it seems to worsen and then lessen with the beat of your heart. This aching and throbbing is often due to vein disease. It is the result of swelling and a lack of blood flow in certain areas. 


If the outside of your legs often feel itchy and lotion does not seem to give you relief, this could be because of vein disease. The itching occurs because damaged veins often allow blood to build up inside of them. Then, this blood slowly leaks out into the surrounding tissue, which causes an itching sensation. Your tissues may also be slightly deprived of oxygen due to the poor circulation associated with vein disease, and that can make the itching worse, too.

Changes in Skin Color

Sometimes the veins that are affected by vein disease are a little too far under the skin for you to see them prominently. However, they may cause discoloration in the skin around them. The skin may look pinkish-red or even a little purple in color because it has been deprived of oxygen. Sometimes this discoloration appears in small patches, and other times, it is more extensive across the skin.

Restless Legs at Night

When you are going to sleep at night, do you feel like your legs always need to move and twitch? This condition is sometimes called restless leg syndrome. It can occur on its own or as a result of nerve damage, but it can also be a sign of vein disease. Consult with a vein specialist if you are dealing with restless leg syndrome in combination with any of the treatments above.

Vein diseases can be pretty debilitating, even if the appearance of your legs has not changed a lot or at all. Contact a vein treatment center for more information about vein disease.