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Preparing For Your Doctor's Office Visit: What To Do

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Having to go to the doctor's office can be made more enjoyable if you're prepared for the situation. When you do the following things, you make the visit easier and more calming, whether you are going by yourself or you have little ones with you.

Have small snacks

You never know how long your wait in the doctor's office will be. If the doctor is behind on patients due to extenuating circumstances (such as a medical emergency), you don't want to be left hungry and have your blood sugar drop. Bring small, non-messy snacks like trail mix, crackers, or even fruit snacks when you visit the doctor's office so you can keep your stomach satisfied until you can be seen.

You will want to have wet wipes or hand sanitizer to use after snacking in the doctors office area. This way, you can stay clean and keep the spread of germs minimal.

Have quiet entertainment

Many doctors office facilities have magazines and some other reading material to entertain patients while they wait to be seen, but bring your own quiet entertainment just in case. This can be a word search puzzle, a coloring book with some crayons, a book, a favorite magazine, the daily paper, or even a remote work assignment. Quiet entertainment not only helps you pass the time while you wait your turn in a doctors office, it also allows you to ease any fears or apprehension you have about your appointment and gives you a distraction.

If you have children and wish to use a tablet or cell phone for entertainment, download quiet games or movies before going to the office. Keep devices on silent so children can be entertained quietly until it's time to be seen.

Have all needed documents

Do you have your current list of medications? Your insurance cards? Your doctor referrals? Your list of questions for your doctor? Have all documents you need at the ready to give you to your receptionist when you first arrive. If you are taking kids to the doctor office visit with you, have their information in individual sections of the same folder so you have all the information you need at one time.

Going to the doctor can be made more successful if you do the right things and prepare properly. You can create a special doctors office bag to keep in the car so you have it ready whenever you have a medical appointment to be at.