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The Process Of Addiction Treatment Starts With Asking For Help

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Once you ask for help for an addiction, the first type of program you will enter is addiction detox treatment. The safest way to withdraw from drugs or alcohol is through supervised detox. Once you complete a detox program, you can move on to a short-term rehabilitation program to strengthen your recovery. For those who aren't ready to return home after a few weeks, a long term rehabilitation program is the next step. When you have a supportive home, you can return to your home and receive services during the day as an outpatient. Your addiction treatment path will be designed to meet your needs and get you on the path to recovery.

The Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Care

As in inpatient, you will have support 24 hours a day. You live in the facility and you will be supervised throughout the process. You always have a staff person you can talk to if you are struggling with your treatment, and you don't have to worry about taking care of your basic needs. Outpatient care involves living at home and going to an Intensive Outpatient Program or other type of program during the day. You receive services and support in a structured day program, and then you go home each night.

Why Supervised Detox is So Important

Withdrawing from substances is hard and often dangerous. One of the most difficult substances to withdraw from is alcohol. You can start by feeling a little anxious, but symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can become life-threatening quickly. If you are trying to quit on your own at home, you can end up putting your life at risk. In a supervised detox setting to withdraw from substances, you will have the supervision and guidance you need to stay safe.

Building Your Support Network

In your early stages of recovery you will be encouraged to build a support network. Your goal will be to learn how to live back out in society without abusing substances. You will need a strong support network to succeed, and this starts as soon as you begin the recovery process. Look for people you are inspired by and make a connection. Your support network will help keep you sober once you are home.

Addiction treatment is a process. When you ask for help, you are taking a big step in your recovery. Work with your counselor to address your treatment needs and stick to your treatment program as best as you can.