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Learn How To Identify Causes Of Back Pain And Treat The Discomfort

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Is your back pain getting in the way of something again? Instead of going out with friends, getting involved in sports, or even getting on rides at the amusement park, you may choose to stay at home because you're in a lot of pain. If it's getting harder for you to manage, you'll need to find out what's causing the pain and then you'll need to start working on a treatment plan.

What's Causing All This Pain?

Do you know what's causing the back pain you're experiencing so often? The truth is that it could be several things. If you're not sure of the exact cause, there are a few questions you should start asking yourself.

  • Were you in an accident or physical altercation?
  • Are you sitting in a chair for extended periods?
  • Do you regularly sleep on your back at night?
  • Do you slouch when you're sitting down instead of sitting up straight?
  • Were you recently lifting heavy items?

The answer to each question could help you narrow things down and determine where your back pain is coming from. You may have been lifting heavy objects at work or sitting down in an office chair for eight or more hours at a time, putting a strain on your back. Although getting into an accident, sitting for long periods, sleeping on your back, slouching, and lifting are all common cause of back pain, there could be other reasons you're suffering.

If you can't seem to narrow the pain down on your own, you'll need to see a physician. There's a chance you have osteoporosis or even arthritis. If you're diagnosed with osteoporosis, it means your bones are fragile whereas an arthritis diagnosis means you'll likely experience inflammation in different parts of the body, including the back.

Is It Possible to Treat the Pain?

Although you may feel sad about experiencing such discomfort, there's some good news. There are dozens of different ways to get back pain relief.

Daily Vitamins

If you receive an osteoporosis diagnosis, the physician may recommend daily vitamins to strengthen the bones. You could take a daily vitamin that contains both vitamin D and calcium because they're two essential vitamins used to help improve bone health.

Pain Relievers

A physician may prescribe pain relievers. You may purchase some pain relieving medication over-the-counter at a local pharmacy as well. These pain relievers should only be used when necessary.


Getting even more exercise each day could drastically reduce your pain. If you're sitting down for long periods, stretching out, going for a walk, or even doing yoga could help.

Heat Treatments

Don't forget to apply heat to the back for more relief. You could use a heating pad or even purchase heat patches at a local pharmacy. The patches come in handy when you must go out but would still like to use the heat for relief.

Many people suffer with back pain, but there are different ways to get relief. You should start by trying to figure out what's causing your pain. Once you've got a better idea of what's causing this pain, you should speak with a physician and then work on doing different things to get relief.