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3 Reasons To Install A Stair Lift In Your Home

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A stair lift can be one of the best resources to have at your disposal if you are elderly or disabled, mostly because it can make it much easier for you to get up and down the stairs within your home. A stair lift typically consists of a chair or platform that is connected to a system that will raise the chair or platform to the next floor easily and quickly. Listed below are three reasons to install a stair lift in your home.

Save Money

One of the problems that many elderly or disabled individuals face once they realize that getting up and down the stairs is both dangerous and extremely difficult is how much money it can cost to actually resolve the situation. For example, many people end up trying to remodel their homes in order to get a master bathroom and bedroom on the main floor or they will attempt to sell their house and move to another home that doesn't have any stairs at all. However, installing a stair lift system is often going to be quite a bit cheaper than remodeling your home or attempting to buy a new home and also has the added benefit of letting you stay within your family home instead of uprooting your life to move elsewhere.

Convenient Features

Another reason to install a stair lift in your home is that it can be fitted with a number of convenient features. For example, if you live in a home with a spouse that also has mobility issues, you can have the stair lift fitted with a remote access feature that you can activate with your cell phone.

In that situation, you can call the stair lift back to your location after your loved one has already used it. In addition, you can also have the stair lift fitted with rechargeable batteries so that you do not have to worry about a power outage limiting your mobility within the home.


Finally, the biggest reason to install a stair lift in your home is to ensure that you can travel between the floors of your home as safely as possible. This is extremely important because as you get older it can be quite dangerous for you to take a tumble down the stairs as that can easily break a vital bone and greatly reduce your mobility and potentially leave you helpless for long periods of time if you do not live someone else. In addition, if you have arthritis, traveling up and down the stairs every day can also be extremely painful.

Contact a stair lift manufacturer or a contractor today in order to discuss how a stair lift may be able to benefit you and to determine if one would fit within your budget. You will want to install a stair lift in your home because it can save you money, can be fitted with a number of convenient features, and can keep you safe.

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