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The Link Between Migraines And Insomnia And When Surgery May Be Necessary

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Migraines and insomnia are two serious problems that can derail a person's life when they occur at the same time. As the two are connected, they can often be hard to escape. Thankfully, surgical procedures can be used to manage both of these problems.

Migraines And Insomnia Are Linked

People who suffer from the difficult problem of insomnia often can't sleep because of difficult migraines. Persistent insomnia is a danger because it can make a person groggy, sap their energy, and even cause an increased risk for various forms of heart problems. When a migraine hits, it can cause a person to have even more difficulty falling asleep.

As a result, it is important to manage migraines with medication or other types of treatments. This is especially true if migraines and insomnia work together to cause any of the problems discussed in more depth below.

They Can Also Be Dangerous

While insomnia can be overwhelming negative in a person's life, migraines can also cause other problems that affect an insomniac's life. For example, it may cause serious back pain that makes it difficult for them to not only get comfortable at night to sleep but to get through the day. Even worse, migraines can actually affect a person's bowel control.

That's because migraines and irritable bowel syndrome have been connected in the past. The connection here seems to due to the fact that both problems are typically caused by issues in the same nerves in the head. As a result, a person with serious and persistent migraines may need to get surgery done.

When Surgery Is A Necessity

For those who are suffering from insomnia caused by migraines, it may be necessary to have surgery. Insomnia is a real danger for the health and well-being of the average person, making it necessary to take care of it as soon as possible. Surgery is designed to eliminate pressure on certain nerves and trigger points in the head and face.

During migraine surgery procedures, a surgeon will inspect these nerves, carefully assess what is causing this pressure, and find a way to alleviate that pressure in a way that causes no damage to the face. It can be a tricky and delicate situation, but in the right situation, it can eliminate migraines and help make a person sleep more easily at night.

Not everyone who gets migraines will benefit from this type of surgery. The exact causes of migraines can sometimes be mysterious, and if a person is not suffering from the right kind, surgery isn't useful. That said, it is a good consideration for those who get migraines that keep them from sleeping well.