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Does Your Child Have Constant Stomach Pain? What To Know

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If you notice that your child is always having some stomach irritations and you have tried not giving them sugar or a few other things, it may be time to see an allergist, like Southern Allergy and Asthma PC. Talk with your pediatrician about getting some allergy testing done, and be sure that you have the results ready by a specialist. There could be things that you are overlooking regarding your child's well-being. Talk with the medical professionals about the following things related to your child's stomach issues to see if any of these three things is causing the concern.

Gastrointestinal Problems

If your child is dealing with different gastrointestinal problems and they aren't digesting food or if they have swollen intestines, these are serious problems that need to be addressed right away. You want to talk with the pediatrician about the symptoms to see if they are related to the stomach or intestines, or if the problem is most likely due to something else. There are a variety of gastrointestinal diseases that can be caught at an early age if they are detected.

Allergies and Intolerances  

If your child is having an allergic reaction to something that is in their diet, or even something in their surroundings, this could be causing the stomach pain. Even a mild irritation to something like wheat or dairy could be the problem. The allergy tests will show if the child is bothered by certain things, and then you may have to do your own trial and error at home by removing some things from their diet. You may be surprised to see what is bothering your child.


The medical professionals can do an x-ray to see if there is a lot of stool backed up. If this is the problem, and if they frequently get impacted, the doctor may want to put you on a prescription stool softener, and you'll have to regulate their bowel movements closely. This can become very toxic and dangerous if it isn't monitored and if you don't pay attention to the issue.

You will want to start with your pediatrician to discuss your child's issues, and then you may want to see an allergist, a gastrointestinal specialist, or even possibly an immunologist if you can't get the stomach pain to go away. The sooner you get your child help, the sooner the discomfort and worry can be treated appropriately.