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When To See Your Doctor About Your Lower Back Pain

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Having lower back pain is a common condition among many people. In fact, lower back pain in particular is the leading reason for disability in the entire world. The condition can be caused by something as simple as poor posture or uncomfortable seating or as complex as a deteriorating discs in the spine. If you are unsure whether you need medical attention for your own aching back or you can handle the condition alone, use this guide to assist you. Here are signs you need to see your doctor about your lower back issues.

Pain management

You should be able to manage your pain and discomfort by either straightening your posture when sitting down, wearing a support vest or belt, taking over the counter medication, or via rest. If no method of pain relief works for your back and your pain causes you to lose sleep at night, limits your ability to move, or your pain is getting progressively worse, it's time to see a doctor.

Areas affected

If your lower back pain is accompanied by tingling or numbness in your leg(s), nausea, migraine headaches, or blurry vision, then you need to see your doctor. Other affected areas can be a sign of nerve or neurological issues that can require further testing. Sometimes pinched nerves or even bone spurs can be to blame for back pain. Do not hesitate to call your doctor if you are noticing other types of pain as well, such as pain your shoulders or neck, which can indicate a curvature in your spine that is worsening.

Pain changes

Your lower back pain is often a dull ache. If this changes to a sharp stabbing pain or the pain spreads to cover your buttocks and hip areas, then the progression needs to be addressed by your doctor. Changes in pain, especially for the worst, can be signs that your condition is worsening rather than getting better. If your pain suddenly shoots from discomfort to extreme pain and the inability to move, a ruptured or slipped disc can be to blame and you need to call for emergency help to avoid injuring yourself further.

Even if your back pain is tolerable, if you do not notice improvement in a few days or weeks after home treatment, call your doctor for a checkup and to address your back issues. They can look at your spine and give you a full exam to see what may be causing your issues. For more information or assistance, contact companies like ULTIMATE HEALTH- A Complete Wellness Center.