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3 Ways To Make A Bathroom More Accessible

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Remodeling a small bathroom to make it more accessible for someone with physical challenges does not require a complete overhaul of the space. The project likely will be a combination of larger and smaller modifications that work together to create the desired effect. To get you started, here are some suggestions you can incorporate in your design.  

Install a Walk-In Tub

The biggest challenge that a physically challenged person can face is using the bathtub. Getting in and out of the tub can be difficult, and simply installing grab bars might not be enough to ensure safety. However, the addition of a walk-in tub to the room can alleviate safety concerns.  

Walk-in tubs fit into the same space as your current bathtub. In fact, you can likely find a smaller tub that will free up space in the bathroom. The walk-in tub has water control features that are easily reachable so users do not have to rely on others to help with controlling the water temperatures.  

Raise the Toilet

Sitting on the toilet can present a similar challenge as using a traditional bathtub. If the seat is too low, getting up from a sitting position can be difficult for those with disabilities. There are a couple of options available for solving this issue.  

The most obvious solution is to replace the existing toilet with a taller one. However, you can avoid this step by opting for a thicker toilet seat. A thicker seat will add a few more inches, which should provide just enough height to make is easier to get up. In addition to that, the seat will be more comfortable.  

Clear the Area Beneath the Sink

If you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair, the plumbing beneath the sink can make it difficult for them to comfortably wash their hands. Completely getting rid of the plumbing is not an option, and even raising the sink will not solve the problem. There is another solution though.  

Instead of relying on a traditional sink that has the plumbing beneath the sink, switch to a sink that allows for the trap and other plumbing to be installed in the wall instead. The faucet can also be moved to the side of the sink, which makes it easier to turn the water on and off.  

Your contractor can help you identify other changes you can make in your bathroom to make it more accessible. Talk to your contractor about any additional special challenges that need to be addressed.