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Non-Surgical Face Lifts: 3 Factors That Influence Whether You'll Be a Good Candidate

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If you've always wanted to get a face lift within the time that it takes you to eat lunch, or within about 30 minutes or so, you might benefit from thread lifting. This type of non-surgical face lift relies on using threads that contain bidirectional cones to lift up saggy skin to give your face a more defined and replenished look. The results look natural, and the treads used will further stimulate collagen production in your face. Although there are many advantages to this type of procedure, it is not always suitable for everyone. You need to make an appointment with the surgeon to determine whether you would be a good candidate first. Here are three factors that will influence the surgeon's decision.

The Amount of Lift That You Require

Due to the non-invasive nature of thread lifting, you really can't get results that are too drastic from what you originally went in with. The threads used are not capable of supporting and lifting large sections of saggy skin in order to give you that smooth, replenished look you want. Basically, good candidates are those who need very little work done.

Basically, if you only want a maximum thread lift of approximately 1cm, thread lifting will give you the results you want. Anything more than that, and you'll likely have to look at more invasive face-lift procedures. To determine if thread lifting is right for you and whether it's even worth your time to go in for a consultation, try to lift your face by just 1 cm. If you like what you see, thread lifting might be the right choice for you.

The Quality or Condition of Your Skin

The threads used in thread lifting are rather fragile and delicate. They cannot support large amounts of weight. To get the best outcome, the condition of your skin will need to be evaluated. In particular, the surgeon will need to determine whether your skin is excessively lax, is excessively thick, or possess a large body habitus. All of the traits mentioned above are not ideal for thread lifting.

If you do have thick skin, an experienced surgeon may be willing to give thread lifting a try but will need to use more threads to give you the support that your skin needs. You should consider the impact that the quality or condition of your skin may have on the results before proceeding.

Whether Correction to Symmetry Is Needed

Thread lifting will help lift your skin and make you look younger. It will also give you more defined features as a result; however, it cannot correct asymmetrical features. If your facial features are asymmetrical, a thread lift may even enhance the asymmetry, depending on how your skin settles. Some minor corrections can be made by placing threads at different angles or heights on both sides of the face. Some asymmetries may be concealable.

Your surgeon will point out any pre-existing facial asymmetries you have and give you an idea on what can be corrected and what can't be corrected. As only local anesthetics are required for thread lifting, most surgeons recommend that patients stay awake and actively view the procedure as it is being completed.


While thread lifting is an ideal type of face lift for many patients who just want to look a little bit younger, it's not always the best choice for everyone. Those who require more work should opt for a more invasive type of surgery. With that said, you might really benefit from thread lifting. The results are natural, and the recovery time required is relatively minimal. You can be up and about to enjoy your new face within weeks. Talk to a company such as My Plastic Surgery Group for more information.