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Exercise Your Eyes Back To Health: 4 Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

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Regular visits to your doctor and following a well-balanced diet are essential tasks for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, certain conditions may still arise that affect your underlying health and emotional wellness. If you are part of the 14 million individuals 12 years of age and older in the United States with a form of vision impairment, you most likely understand the negative effects of poor vision. From struggling to read, watch television, and drive to the challenges of wearing glasses or contacts, living with vision impairment can be overwhelming.

While surprising to learn, exercising your eyes can improve your vision and the health of your eyes. Using these exercises, you can improve the nearsightedness, farsightedness, light sensitivities, and astigmatisms that decrease your ability to see.


The muscles of your eyes control the movement of your lens, which is an imperative part of your vision. By strengthening these eye muscles, you can improve the ability of the lens to see at various distances.

Each day, visualize a horizontal figure eight in the air a few feet away from you. Use your eyes to trace the horizontal figure eight. When you finish tracing in one direction, trace the figure eight back in the opposite direction.

Repeat the exercise a few times to improve your lens and vision.  


Most people blink an estimated 7 to 10 times every minute, but you may not even realize the importance of this overlooked task. Not only does it flush away irritating, damaging debris from the ocular surface, but blinking also transports important nutrients to the cornea. This reduces the risk of infections while improving the underlying health of your eye.

Blinking causes short periods of darkness, which reduces the strain on your eyes, as well. Decreasing the amount of time your eyes strain to see will improve your vision and the underlying health of your eyes.

To improve your vision and eye health, set aside a few minutes each day to complete some blinking exercises. Blink your eyes every 3 to 4 seconds for two minutes. Then, blink your eyes every 30 seconds for two minutes.


Zooming in on objects in the distance is also a great way to strengthen the eyes and improve your vision. Use the following steps each day to practice zooming:

  1. Sit up straight in a comfortable chair.
  2. Stretch out your arm as far as possible and stick up your thumb.
  3. Focus your eyes on your outstretched thumb and hold the focus in place for a few seconds.
  4. Bend your elbow, moving your thumb a few inches closer, but continue focusing on the thumb.
  5. Once your thumb is a couple inches from your face, move the thumb back out as far as possible. Continue focusing on your thumb as you move your arm back out.
  6. Complete this zooming exercise a few times each day.


You use your eyes a great deal during the course of a regular day. This use creates tension in the muscles while placing stress on the cornea and lens. Palming exercises can relax your eyes while reducing muscle tension and stress.

Turn the lights off in a room that has a dining room chair and table. Sit in the chair and place a few cushions or pillows on the table in front of you. Rest your elbows on the cushions and place the palms of your hands over your closed eyes. Rest in this position for a few minutes each day.

Exercising your eyes can also improve the health of your eyes while increasing your ability to see properly. With this guide, you can strengthen your eyes while improving your vision impairment. For more tips, contact an eye doctor like Atlantic Eye Consultant PC - Delianides Aris P MD.