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Skin Treatments To Help Improve Your Skin's Health And Appearance

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As you age, it is important to take care of your skin, as it is your body's largest organ. With the proper care and treatments, you can improve the look of your skin and reduce the signs of aging. Here are some treatments you can do at home to help improve your skin's appearance and health.

Lighten Age Spots 

Age spots, also called liver spots, can occur when any part of your skin is overexposed to the sun's ultraviolet light. Most people begin to see age spots on their skin after the age of 40, mostly on their hands, shoulders, and face. These spots appear as darker areas of increased pigment on your skin from ultraviolet damage and can be hard to remove. But, there are treatments you can do to lighten them as much as possible. Be sure to protect your skin from additional sun exposure while you are lightening your age spots, as this can cause the spots to darken and reverse your efforts.

Aloe vera gel contains chemicals that researchers believe can help remove dead skin cells and generate new skin cell regrowth. You can help lighten the age spots on your skin by applying aloe vera onto the spots one or two times a day. Buy a natural aloe vera gel from a beauty supply store that does not contain a large amount of additives, or use the gel right from an aloe vera plant. To use the plant, break open a section of one of the aloe vera leaves to expose the gel inside and rub the moisture across your skin.

If you don't have access to aloe vera, you can use lemon juice to lighten your age spots. Apply lemon juice to the age spots on your hands once or twice a day. The citric acid in lemon juice helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin without causing irritation. You can make a lemon juice hand scrub to help remove age spots and soften your skin. Combine together 1/2 cup cooked rice with one tablespoon of agave nectar and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Blend this together, then rub it around on your hands for one to two minutes and rinse. Along with the benefits of lemon juice, the rice in the mixture helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and the agave helps hydrate your skin.

Reduce Wrinkles

As your skin ages, the moisture barrier begins to break down and causes your skin to become dry. When you moisturize your skin, it plumps your skin up to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restores the balance of moisture to your skin. 

To help moisturize your skin and smooth out your complexion, blend together three tablespoons of cream, one-fourth an avocado, and one tablespoon of honey, until it is smooth and creamy. Spread it over your skin, leaving it on for an hour, then rinse it off with warm water. 

You can also combine one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of sour cream, one tablespoon of honey, and one egg white. The sour cream contains lactic acid that hydrates and exfoliates. The honey is a humectant, which helps hydrate your skin. And the egg white contains protein to firm and tighten your skin.  Apply this onto your face and allow it to dry, then rinse it off. 

According to Laura Dobi, an esthetician and founder of Green Revolution Skin Studio in Bethesda, Maryland, by stimulating the collagen in your skin, you can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. She recommends combining two tablespoons of bee pollen, one-fourth cup of whole milk, one tablespoon of raw honey, and one-half cup of mashed avocado. Mix it until it is smooth and combined, then apply it onto your face and neck. Let it sit on your skin for twenty minutes, then rinse it with warm water.

Use these tips to help improve your skin's health and appearance by lightening age spots and reducing wrinkles. For professional skin care services, contact a company like Changes Of Cherry Creek/ Denver's Day Spa.