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How Orthopedic Shoes Differ From The Sneakers You Buy At The Department Store And Why You Should Wear Orthopedic Shoes

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When you visit an orthopedist and he prescribes orthopedic shoes, you may be wondering why you would need such shoes when you can just go out and buy another pair of sneakers from a high-end department store. Well, there are plenty of reasons why an orthopedist would prescribe special shoes, including the fact that orthopedic shoes are very different from the expensive sneakers you get from the store. Here is how orthopedic tennis shoes are different and why you should not avoid getting the orthopedic ones when your doctor tells you that you should.

Every Pair of Orthopedic Shoes Are Custom Made

When your orthopedist prescribes these special shoes, he writes an order for very detailed construction instructions. Every shoe is custom-made to fit one foot and one foot alone, and even your two different shoes would never fit another person's feet comfortably. Just as you would visit a high-class tailor to get a custom-made suit, so visiting the orthopedic footwear specialist results in the perfectly-tailored pair of shoes. No pair of shoes that you buy from a department store can ever come close to fitting your feet so perfectly.

Every Pair of Orthopedic Shoes Is Designed to Correct the Problems with Your Feet, Ankles, Legs, Hips and Back

Most people think that orthopedic shoes only fix the problems they have with their feet. However, slight alterations here and there in the footbed of both shoes causes your ankles to realign, which causes your legs to realign, which causes your knees, hips and sometimes even your lower back to realign. That means these shoes are correcting more than just foot problems; they are correcting problems with your posture, problems with flat feet, problems with weak and rolling ankles, etc. No matter how much money you spend on expensive sporting shoes at the store, you cannot get a pair of mass-produced shoes to accomplish all of the previously-mentioned medical tasks.

Every Pair of Orthopedic Shoes Can Dramatically Reduce Pain

If you are constantly in pain from the waist down, a pair of orthopedic shoes can help alleviate much of that pain. Because these specially-designed and crafted shoes are meant to correct the numerous problems that can cause foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain, you can be assured that wearing the shoes your doctor prescribed  will alleviate the pain associated with all of the problems you have with these parts of your body. As your feet and most of the lower half of your body are gradually correct and realigned, your orthopedist will ask for adjustments in the shoes and may even prescribe new orthopedic shoes to keep up with the healthy changes in your feet and body. Contact a doctor, like Family Medical Clinic, for more help.