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Struggling Emotionally In College? Don't Let Shame Keep You From Getting Help

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When someone is dealing with aches and pains, going to a doctor just makes sense, and the same is true of one's emotional state. However, lots of people resist getting mental help, even during stressful times like attending college. If you've been having a hard time emotionally, you shouldn't struggle through it alone. There's no shame in getting help. Here are three good reasons why college students need mental health support now more than ever.

Unprecedented Times

This is an abnormal time in human history, and certainly not what one would expect from their college experience. As people have been forced to self-isolate at home, take classes online, and socially distance in public, it's taken a toll on people emotionally. While most college students can look forward to making new friends, joining clubs and social activities, and more, that's not the case right now.

Multiple studies have shown that people are going through difficult times emotionally right now, and college students are no different. If you're having trouble dealing with the way the world is right now, you're certainly not the only one, and it's perfectly reasonable to ask for help.

College Pressure and Stress

Even under normal world circumstances, college can be quite stressful and nerve-wracking for students. It's a long period of dedicated study, and your enrollment in school (and possibly financing for it) is dependent upon how well you perform on tests and finals. While some level of stress is a normal part of life with jobs and school, it's not uncommon for students to feel burned out and extremely stressed during college. Unfortunately, this anxiety and stress can keep you from being able to perform your best, even if you're trying your hardest. Prolonged stress and anxiety can actually trigger memory loss, making it even more difficult to retain the information you're studying. Getting help can teach you new ways to manage your stress and anxiety, which will benefit your body and mind. 

Uncertain Job Market

Another thing college students are looking to the future is an uncertain job market. The job market has had its ups and downs, but with the ongoing pandemic, it can be difficult to feel certain if there's a job waiting for you once you graduate. While mental health counseling can't guarantee this for you, it can help you to find ways to manage your anxieties and ready you for the job market. Once you graduate, maintaining and presenting yourself in a secure and comfortable way will help you to land a job, so getting help now may expedite your job search.

For more information on college mental health resources, contact a professional near you.